What is Special Today- 12 December

what is special today, Gingerbread day

What is special today, we all are thinking about it many times in our lives and it is also important to know about it. So, let’s start. 12 December is a national day to celebrate the events this day is about Green Monday, Gingerbread House, National poinsettia day, and A blue Christmas. We all know why we celebrate these events to keep us happy. So, let’s start talking about these events which are the main part of our joy and happiness.

Green Monday-  Cyprus, Greece, and the US



This is the biggest shopping sale day at the end of the calendar. This day is to celebrate the environment this day has the biggest relation with money and this is the most wrapped with and profitable day in industry and this is the second Monday in December. This Monday we also buy some gifts for the preparation of the Christmas holiday to fulfill this phrase that what is special today. This is the last day for online shopping. eBay established Green Monday. He also created this expression for “Green Monday” in 2007 besides other days like black Friday and Cyber Monday etc. Green Monday is the perfect day for shopping and an unachievable day for picking dominance in the great sales which you can find online shopping.

Activities on Today’s Special Day

Online Shopping

You can do online shopping to make sure to fulfill your, and your family’s wishes, especially for children, and friends. When online convenience is not available in the past time people also face some difficulties in shopping but now it becomes very easy because the last-minute shopping rules made this easiest. Now with help of online shopping, we get anything in front of our door in a little time.

Embrace the Green

Green Monday is the name that is based on the financial impact on the market. It is also a part of a kind of fun and joy. On this day you can wear a green dress or use green lights and green candles in your window also. It gives you great pleasure.

Bake something Green

On Green Monday you can also cook something decorated with green. You can make some cookies and garnish them with green frosting. Bake some fresh bread and swaddle them with green strip and send it to someone as a gift it looks outstanding.

Shop ahead

If you want to stay away from those problems that can you face last year then it is the best way to buy those things quickly on Green Monday it feels comfortable and feels free. Plan your shopping list for the next year’s coming events spend your time on Green Monday and prepare gifts for the next year’s coming events it is quite interesting.

Gingerbread House Day-Germon

what is special today


What is special today is gingerbread house day. Gingerbread house day is the greatest holiday to past time with your family and friends. If you consider yourself an expert in making gingerbread then you love to make gingerbread house day. When you eat the last part of the gingerbread by forgetting how much effort you did to bake this recipe. This is made of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and gingers. If you want this dish to taste sweet you can use sugar, honey, and molasses. And if you want your gingerbread perfect also make strong biscuits and don’t forget to bake them until it becomes brick-like and hard to eat. It maybe wastes your whole effort.


Ginger is used in old times to relish foodstuffs and some drinks also firstly this was baked in Europe at the end of the 11th century. According to the national holiday, when crusaders from the middle east bring the custom of spicy bread with them. Ginger also has many benefits it is not only tasty but also used for preserving food. According to French legend, Gingerbread was brought to Europe in 992 A.D. by the Arminian monk and later saint, Gregory of Nicopolis, gingerbread figurines date back to the 15th century and baking human-shaped biscuits was practiced in the 16th century.

The song that was released in 1875 relates to gingerbread. This song is part of ST. Nicholas Magazines may issue at that time The song lyrics are” Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!” The biggest gingerbread house in the whole world was created in 2015. This house covers an area of 2520 Square-feet to put this house into perspective, this is harshly half in size of the tennis court. Its height takes it 21 feet. It also amassed 35.8 million calories.


Gingerbread is another event that when we think about that what is special today. The best way to celebrate gingerbread house day you have to go to a picnic and put some needy things that are used for making a gingerbread house. You can hold a competition between the teams and also hold a prize for the winning team and it gonna be very interesting and you must like it. You ask the adults to choose things used in the gingerbread then you select the things and add them to the gingerbread if it sounds tasty. And don’t forget to pick plenty of other things like willing drinks and snacks if you don’t want only one person to eat this gingerbread alone.

National Poinsettia Day-Mexico

National Poinsettia Day-Mexico What is special today


Another special today is national poinsettia day. National poinsettia day is a day to celebrate the red flower used in most events like Christmas etc. Poinsettia is a beautiful flower that is made up of petals and a yellow flower present in the center of the flower, called cyathia. This outstanding foliage exerts a pull on the flower and will drop after pollination. Poinsettia is not hurtful to animals and human health also.


According to National Day, Aztec king Montezuma decorated his palace with cuetlaxochitl or poinsettia which was known by the name of Aztec in 1840. The people there fertilize the flowers as god’s gift. Poinsettia was surtitle as a memorial that Aztecs use the poinsettia to medicant fever and leaves of the plant are used to dye. In 1828 Joel Roberts who invented Poinsett becomes a popular model in the history of botanists. Firstly, it was named Poinsett in 1828 then a scientist changes its name to  “Euphorbia Pulcherrima”. But after 4 years other botanists again change this name to “Poinsettia Pulcherrima”.


We can celebrate this day by casting. poinsettia is broadcast on the Día de le virgin on 12 December in Mexico. They are also doing some parades including poinsettia finding the plant in December in the national state.


Blue Christmas – Today’s Special Day

Blue Christmas - what is special today

Christmas is for joy, Laughter, and parties but blue Christmas is for those people who work in those fields like police, Firefighters, EMTs, and 911 dispatchers.


This holiday is for those people who work in the institute like firefighters, police, EMTs, and 911 dispatchers. It is hard to do duty on cool, wet, snowy, and long nights. It can be dangerous for those who have more chances to shoot at. They did this hard task to safe and save lives. They overlook spending time with their families and miss out on enjoying Christmas. Therefore, when it comes to the holiday season blue Christmas gives a piece of good fortune by giving gifts and thanking them for their duties. Although, some feel happy doing their jobs because they know the real meaning of celebrating Christmas. But in actuality the people who worked in the institute celebrate Christmas, and they are the real worth of the gifts and thanks.

How to celebrate Blue Christmas

You can use blue dresses, blue lights on that day and use blue candles in the window. Blue lights are also part of blue Christmas and find someone that you know who works in the institute give them some gifts and thank them for their unforgettable efforts. And also take some selfies and posted these selfies on social media by using the hashtag #bluechristmas. And let them know how much important they are to us.










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