it has been hot news that Telenor is shutting its business in Pakistan. There had been numerous news about shutting down Telenor. But according to the latest news, Telenor has denied all this news and committed to working better in Pakistan.

It has been in the news that due to the current business situation Telenor is selling its assets in Pakistan. Ufone was reported as a buyer. But now on their Twitter account, Telenor has issued a public statement that we are not selling our business or leaving Pakistan. We are striving for better service and we shall not sell our company.

Telenor statement

Telenor has a verified Twitter account with 375k followers. Recently, Telenor made a statement about its work in Pakistan. Telenor has made it clear so far that they are not closing the company.

Service of Telenor

Telenor is currently facing bad service complaints. As soon as, Telenor post on twitter, people start to complain about their bad service.

It is also a reason of rumors that telenor is not focusing on the service as they are planning to sell the company.


But after reading on twitter official verified account, It has become clear that telenor will keep working here.

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